Real-Time Promotion Management

Intelligent Clearing Network (ICN) is an innovative company offering Software as a Service (SaaS) for complete real-time promotion management and paper coupon validation for retailers, manufacturers, and media companies. ICN is a facilitator of real-time, seamless execution for the following types of promotional programs:
  • Automating Promotion Management: If you manage a variety of promotional activities using spreadsheets and passing paper through an approval process, the ICN automated promotion management system can simplify the execution of all your digital and paper promotion activities. The ICN solution has a built-in approval framework that will simplify your processing time and eliminate errors. Once a promotion is approved or modified, it is instantly available to the POS and in-store execution becomes automatic.
  • Managing Complex Promotions: If you are restricted by the capabilities of your Point of Sale (POS) system to handle complex promotions, you are probably limiting your ability to generate incremental sales. As a hosted service, ICN can help you execute any of the following complex promotions by Units, Weight, or Dollars Spent and more:
    • Buy Product “A,” Buy Product “B,” Get Instant Savings on Product “C”
    • Bonus Promotions:Link an endless number of promotions, creating a tiered promotion capability. The more you redeem, the more you save.
    • Threshold Promotions: Get up to # of Product “B” free when you first buy # of Product “A.”
    • Tracking Promotions: Track purchase activity in real time and trigger a separate event like automatic activation of a digital promotion loaded to the customer’s card. This is also useful for real-time tracking of new product introductions.
    • Department, Category or Brand Buy/Units, Weight, or Dollars.
  • Digital or Direct to Card Programs: ICN has partnered with AOL, News Corp, and Valassis to bring to our clients the largest amount of digital content available in the marketplace. Our digital solution is turn-key whether we host a direct-to-card website or not. Using our I-Frame to execute digital programs on your website is a fast and easy way to get started. With ICN’s real-time solution, you can deliver mobile offers in milliseconds whether your customer is in the store looking at a specific product or at the lane checking out. In either case, our response time is less than 100 milliseconds for mobile, just as it is for all promotion implementations.
  • Fraud Prevention: Fraudulent coupons should be stopped at the POS – and not by making cashiers the coupon police! ICN hopes the industry will eventually move toward using a positive file of outstanding coupon inventory and rejecting coupons not in the database. Good interim solutions are using the CIC list and establishing manufacturer rule sets. ICN can execute both solutions.
  • Paper Coupon Validation:Mis- and mal-redemption continue to be major problems for manufacturers and retailers. Paper coupon validation at the POS is not done very well because validation to the family code level is not executed by many retailers. With the full implementation of the GS1 DataBar and a hosted family code database, full paper coupon validation will become much easier to execute. The ICN solution is a complete paper coupon validation service. As such, it will allow manufacturers and retailers to realize a much higher level of paper coupon validation at the POS, reduce in-store fraud, and eliminate most of the dispute resolution between trading partners.
  • Real-Time Redemption Information: If you have ever been frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to understand whether your promotion expenditures have worked, stop wondering. Because ICN is a real-time solution, manufacturers and retailers will have real-time results, detailed redemption data down to the store level for all their digital, paper, and trade-targeted email campaigns and mobile promotional activities—all through the same reporting tool. Identifying an out-of-stock situation for a promoted product is quick and easy. The ICN web portal is a real-time connection to your stores and your promotional activities. An active promotion can be modified in real time, which comes in handy, for example, when you identify trailing UPCs that were not defined in the initial promotion definition. You can add them into the promotion using the web portal and you’re done—no item maintenance to worry about. Imagine knowing how much sales lift you got the day the promotion and post-period analysis ends, rather than weeks or months later when the analysis is complete.

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